We are a Performance gym with our own CrossFit affiliate and that’s the way it will always be. Occasionally people ask us how CrossFit will help them or a loved one in their chosen sport(s) and we understand the question since we have our own affiliate. However, the answer is that we aren’t doing CrossFit in every application with every athlete we train. Unless they prefer otherwise, we steer most of our young athletes in to our Sports Performance programs which helps them build a strong foundation in the hierarchy of athletic development, putting them in a great position to specialize as they get older in to adolescence and adulthood. In the Performance groups we’ll focus less on certain CrossFit specific skills and more on developing athleticism which is an individuals ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine primal movement patterns through space and time to accomplish a known task. The Sport of CrossFit was created in the year 2000 and took about 10 years to gain a mainstream, household name. The reason it’s gained so much notoriety is that CrossFit comprehensively revolutionized the fitness industry by clearly defining fitness and creating many ways to track and measure progress that never existed before. They also combined all of this in a group setting which naturally builds cohesion and camaraderie through hard work, something sports teams have been doing forever. CrossFit has innovated in many ways and redefined fitness but they did not invent a good majority of the exercises you see their athletes do on a regular basis, instead taking the best of what was already out there, many of which serious athletes have been doing for many years. CrossFit has truly become a major Sport and if you want to focus on it as many people have, you hone in on what it takes to improve while attacking specific weaknesses like any athlete of any kind would. With all that being said, hopefully we’ve given you a better understanding on the difference between CrossFit and Sports Performance training while also keeping in mind they have much more in common than any differences.


We don’t conform to a lot of the garbage you see out there today which can be tough to sort through to the untrained eye. Multi-joint compound exercises with good movement patterns and mobility are crucial for every athlete to perform. Olympic weightlifting is also an integral part of any effective training program for any sport. The caveat with Olympic weightlifting is that these lifts often get a bad reputation, which can all be attributed to a lack of coaches who know how to teach them, and in that scenario we tend to agree. With our expertise we don’t have that problem and our gym is the perfect place to learn and execute these lifts safely with precision. Unilateral training is important for all athletes to develop balance, stability, as well as total body proprioception while also assisting inter/intra muscular coordination. A strong core has nothing to do with six pack abs and we train these muscle intrinsically so that our athletes can optimally transfer force between their upper and lower body while protecting their spinal cord from injury. We already mentioned that athleticism is defined as combining primal movements seamlessly and effortlessly through time and space to accomplish a known or novel task and we mindfully program all three planes of movement creatively to enhance it. Relative, explosive, and maximal strength will always be our main focus and the hierarchy of earning these types of strength are trained correctly. We could talk shop for days in regards to our philosophy but the main thing to take away is that there’s no luck involved whatsoever, we’ve earned our reputation because everything we do has a purpose.