Training athletes is what we were born to do. We have put our hearts and souls in to this profession because we have an intense passion for helping people improve themselves physically and mentally. Over the years we have worked tirelessly to constantly improve, leading by example because that’s what we preach to our athletes daily. The average person cannot possibly fathom how much we have put in to our dream or the years of practical experience we’ve acquired that can profoundly impact anybody who gives us time and puts in the effort. Many people dabble in this industry or think they know more than they actually do. The truth is that optimal strength & conditioning is an art that’s much more than a tough workout thrown together haphazardly. Intelligent people with an eye for it recognize our originality and the excellence we’re continuing to chase. That’s why our community is a step above the rest and something special that also takes time to really appreciate.



We don’t conform to a lot of the garbage you see out there today which can be tough to sort through to the untrained eye. Multi-joint compound exercises with good movement patterns and mobility are crucial for every athlete to perform. Olympic weightlifting is also an integral part of any effective training program for any sport. The caveat with Olympic weightlifting is that these lifts often get a bad reputation, which can be attributed to a lack of coaches who know how to teach them. With years of experience and a track record of success, our gym is the perfect place to learn and execute these lifts safely with precision. Unilateral training is important for all athletes to develop balance, stability, as well as total body proprioception. A strong core has nothing to do with six pack abs. We train these muscles intrinsically so that our athletes can optimally transfer force between their upper and lower body while preventing injury. Athleticism is defined as combining primal movements seamlessly and effortlessly through time and space to accomplish a known or novel task and we mindfully program all three planes of movement, creatively to enhance it. Relative, explosive, and maximal strength will always be our main focus and the hierarchy of earning these types of strength are trained correctly. We could talk shop for days in regards to our philosophy but the main thing to take away is that there’s no luck involved whatsoever, we’ve earned our reputation because we’re mindful of everything we do, it all has a purpose and is kept in the right perspective.