• Armed Forces & First Responders (Police, Fire, EMT) and their next of kin receive 10% off
  • School teachers receive 10% off
  • Full time college students receive 30% off our CrossFit memberships only
  • Two family members receive 10% off each membership
  • Three family members receive 15% off each membership
  • Four family members or more receive 20% off each membership

To apply these discounts you’ll need to ask us for the code to use on Zen Planner


  • New prospective members please get in touch before signing up or dropping in.
  • Our three month initial enrollment is strictly enforced so please be sure that you have that level of commitment before starting out.
  • We break down the price of our monthly Sports Performance memberships by the session in order for the cost to make more sense. This does not mean our clients are paying for individual sessions and if that was the case then you’d typically expect to pay much more considering additional administrative efforts.
  • Furthermore, our memberships run from the first of each month until the last day of the same month. You can choose to use your sessions within that month however you’d like. We’re always flexible with make ups but sessions do not roll over in to the following month unless the membership is current and active.
  • Upon signing up all new memberships will be pro-rated until the first of the following month. Therefore, all memberships end up being due the first of each month and we expect everybody to manage their own accounts using Zen Planner.
  • On the 8th of each month we go into Zen Planner and manually charge accounts who haven’t yet paid, asked for an extension, or told us that their membership needs to be put on hold.
  • We add a $5.00 convenience fee for accounts we charge manually.
  • The $5.00 charge is per family account, not each individual membership, so don’t worry about being charged this convenience fee multiple times in one month.
  • Therefore, again it is each individuals responsibility to communicate with us when they need to put their membership on hold for whatever reason and you have a 7 day grace period in order to do so.
  • Once you are in the Zen Planner system there’s no need to go through the steps to sign up again. Simply login and manage the account while being sure not to add duplicate memberships to the same individual.
  • We require our Sports Performance athletes to schedule their sessions using the calendar on Zen Planner. We always understand an occasional mistake but please do your part to help us keep things organized.
  • We don’t issue refunds for accounts we charge manually if people have failed to communicate with us that their membership needed to be put on hold. However, the money paid will not go to waste and will be applied to future training when the individual is ready to return.

All of our tenured, loyal, Renegade Family members will vouch for us and say that we’re flexible and as accommodating as possible so don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions or if you need us to clarify any policy. At the same time we expect our clients to reciprocate showing accountability for themselves which helps us continue making everybody’s experience with us as positive and productive as possible