Starting any new exercise routine can daunting and we definitely understand that a warehouse, box style gym like ours can potentially induce a lot of nerve racking anxiety at first. At most boxes out there, including ours, you’ll find some elite athletes making insane feats of strength and athleticism look easy on a regular basis. Believe us when we say that those exceptional athletes are the minority and are vastly outnumbered by friendly, down to Earth, busy professionals looking to make the most out of their precious time.


Like anything else, there’s certain quirks and a lot of terminology to learn but with the help of our trainers you can be speaking the language in no time at all. We also do our best to let every beginner know that your functional fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint. At first it’s OK to go at your own pace until you learn enough to gradually dial up the intensity. This is the smart way to go about it allowing your body to acclimate itself and all of our members are supportive no matter who finishes a workout first or last. It might be hard for you to fathom as a beginner, but if you are just willing to listen and learn, you’ll obtain a lifetime of knowledge which will help you live the longest, healthiest life possible.


Most of our clients, who we’ve always done a good job of retaining, started out as a beginner just like you. We’ve trained hundreds of beginners who started out apprehensive and told us later on that what we do was nothing like what they expected, in the best way possible. We’ve earned the reputation we have because our functional fitness group classes are inclusive and work for anybody willing to humble themselves, try something new, and give it some time.