Our Foundational Course is an introduction for new members and helps everybody hit the ground running with us regardless if they have CrossFit experience or not. The course is mandatory for new members with less than year of CrossFit experience and optional for experienced athletes meeting those requirements.

The Foundational Course is split up in to two classes that last no longer than an hour on average and the course itself doesn’t cost anything above and beyond our membership dues. Our trainers are experienced coaching people of all of all ages and fitness levels so there’s no need to be intimidated whatsoever. Those taking part in the course will receive individual 1 on 1 attention from our certified CrossFit trainers who teach with a high level of precision while making everybody feel comfortable, scaling everything to their current capabilities. The first class covers how to effectively warm up, mobility, CrossFit’s 9 Foundational Movements, gymnastics, as well as other CrossFit specific skills and exercises ending with an 8 Minute WOD (workout of the day). The second class goes in to detail about our unique, original strength programming as well as Olympic weightlifting technique and ends with a benchmark girl WOD. We schedule these classes individually with each new member and will set it up based on what days/times work best for you.