Before we get in to what functional fitness means, we need to make sure everybody interested in our program understands a few important details

  • Renegade IS NOT: For people unwilling to put in some hard work to earn results.
  • Renegade IS NOT: For people who expect instant gratification and results overnight. It’s truly a lifestyle change, transforming body and mind, so if you put in the minimum time then you’ll likely get minimum results to show for it.
  • Renegade IS NOT: For close minded people unwilling to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.
  • Renegade IS NOT: For people with inflated egos who are too proud to ever get beaten at anything because we accept some humble pie on a regular basis and know we are better for it.


Functional fitness is training all seven primal movement pattern, well balanced with endless possibilities. Additionally, it’s also utilizing these patterns through all three planes of movement. Most fitness programs are bland and dominant in one, maybe two planes of movement. Most trainers out there have a limited view of fitness and are unable to develop athleticism concurrently with strength gains and/or weight loss. Our gym’s accomplishments on the sports performance side of business puts us in a unique position with a much deeper understanding of what it means to functionally fit and capable of handling any situation in life.


There are so many different definitions of fitness out there that it can be confusing, even to some of the most seasoned, experienced athletes. Some methodologies out there claim to be broad and inclusive when in reality they only cater to a certain body type, not taking other people of all shapes and sizes in to much consideration. Through our many years of experience we have curated our own unique approach to fitness that produces results in the safest way possible. We empower the fittest athletes in our community while never tilting the needle too far towards extreme competition where risk far outweighs the reward. Our staff has many years of experience working in this industry exclusively, not something we have done on the side, and we lead by example. We’ve worked tirelessly to become masters of good movement that transcends exercise. This gives us the ability to tailor our program to anybody and everybody which is what we believe fitness should be all about.