We define Rise as activating yourself in opposition or resistance; revolt or rebel. In this case we’re rising against and within the sickness, wellness, and fitness continuum because in the grand scheme of things; what do you really have without your health? The intense nature of CrossFit is what triggers the physiological changes in our bodies, producing results like no other, but we realize that it can take some time to find that intensity. We also realize that a lot of the terminology and complicated workout schemes can seem a little intimidating. Therefore, what we are all about with this class is simplicity. We focus on teaching primal human movement patterns with precision which reprogram the muscles in your body to work together functionally and efficiently the way they’re meant to. We also place an extra amount of emphasis on teaching CrossFit’s 9 Foundational Movements progressively, with the intensity dialed back a notch. The WODs (workouts of the day) in this class, for the most part, will be simpler couplets and triplets which still allow for an endless amount of possibilities staying true to CrossFit’s core value of constantly varied functional movement. In this class you will not be required to keep score or post results unless it’s something you’d like to do on your own. If you are liking the way this sounds and think it’s the way to go for you individually, then keep reading below the picture for more details.

Rise is included in our unlimited CrossFit membership so you don’t need any special designation to attend these classes. You are also still welcome to attend our CrossFit classes with the option of working Rise in with it and there’s never a limit with us on how many you attend per week/month. Whereas our CrossFit classes typically go for as long as, and no more than a full hour; Rise class is shorter and lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

For this class, athletes are required to manually schedule their own sessions in the planner pictured below at least 24 hours in advance.We require this written, old school way of scheduling for a couple reasons which is meant to hold athletes accountable and ensure success. First of all, this deliberate action of physically scheduling an appointment in person and in writing makes athletes more likely to hold themselves accountable and commit to it. Secondly, this will allow us to keep close tabs on the number of athletes in each group, keeping the class sizes down, while at the same time personalizing it to each individual as much as possible. It’s tough to commit to any exercise program, especially if you’ve been inactive for a period of time, and these protocols in place have helped new athletes tremendously. Beyond beginners, this class is a great option for Master’s athletes or anybody else prioritizing their health and longevity above all else.

Rise Class meets at 6:30am & 10am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings