Ask any experienced strength and conditioning coach and most would agree this formative age group is the most crucial one in regards to unlocking athletic potential. The athletic development continuum is based on three main factors that individuals have only partial control over. The first one is genetics and it’s obvious nobody has any control on what they are born with or without. Athletes must play the cards they’re dealt and can never get hung up on things they cannot control. The second is geography and that means where you are at in the world. Whether you realize it or not, geography affects what sports you choose to play and the competition you are exposed to among many other variables. Once again, you only have partial control over that as an athlete growing up in Dayton Ohio because in most cases parents decide where to raise their family. Finally, the last factor that we have the most control over is opportunity. Great athletes don’t sit around waiting for good things to happen and you can never allow yourself to be fooled by the genetic freaks who are handed opportunities they don’t deserve and haven’t earned. Great athletes who are serious about maximizing their potential work hard for everything they achieve while never passing up an opportunity to improve themselves physically and mentally.

Our reputation precedes us as the #1 sports performance program in Dayton and it’s been earned through close to 10 years of results-driven hard work while training many of the best athletes our area has had to offer. For those looking for an appropriately well designed strength and conditioning program for 10-14 year old athletes, there’s no better place to train than Renegade and here’s one more important point to consider. We allocate coaches in order to maintain coach to athlete ratios in the single digits at all times. This gives our young athletes plenty of access to experienced strength and conditioning professionals who lead by example while teaching intricate details on how to train that stick with them for life. This point is especially important to consider with high school team workouts picking up in intensity once athletes reach about 14 years old. We have all the respect in the world for high school coaches but these full time teachers, who have enough on their plate as part time sport coaches, cannot be relied upon in most cases to maximize their athletes’ performance with everything they are up against. We are well known among area coaches and the great ones realize we’re in their corner as allies. We frequently get referrals from many of the most well respected coaches in the area because they’ve seen the results for themselves and trust we do things right. Bottom line in this ultra competitive day and age is that if your young athlete’s first exposure to sports performance training is in a high school weight room, with 60 something other inexperienced athletes, then you can forget about maximizing their potential. You should be more concerned about them severely injuring themselves.


We offer flexible month-to-month memberships after a three month initial enrollment that we require of all new athletes. It takes a commitment of at least 12 weeks for a young athlete to see substantial improvement and ensuring these results is what has driven our success. We also realize kids need time to retain the things we work hard to teach and it all pays off in the long run. Once an athlete has completed their initial three months, they are welcome to come and go as they please, as their schedule allows. Payment options are flexible and most of our clients choose to pay in monthly installments versus big chunks at once.



The two session per week package is for young athletes who have a lot going on but still realize the importance of training outside their sport in order to improve performance and prevent injury. It’s not easy to fit sessions in at all times but definitely worth it while ingraining consistent work habits for years to come.



The three session per week package is for young athletes who have a little more time to dedicate to training with us. It tends to work for kids with a true offseason and is ideal for athletes looking to gain results as fast as possible. Our Genesis athletes are always welcome to change memberships monthly depending on what their schedule allows for.


Upon re-opening on May 26th, we will not have these Speed & Agility sessions for the duration of summer. We will resume towards the end of summer/beginning of fall but we’ll continue with occasional outdoor sessions, weather permitting.

In addition to the Strength & Conditioning sessions, Genesis Athletes have optional Speed & Agility Sessions they can choose to take advantage of depending on their goals and what they are doing outside the gym. The half hour Speed & Agility sessions take place from 6:30pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday. Therefore, they can participate in the Speed & Agility sessions, going right in to their Strength & Conditioning sessions at 7pm. There’s no limit on the amount of Speed & Agility sessions they attend and you can choose to add or subtract as much of that extra work as you’d like.