Our gym is home to Renegade Barbell Club, an official USAW Olympic Weightlifting club in the State of Ohio. Our club trains in the evening, three days a week and experienced lifters have open gym access beyond that. Renegade Barbell Club is one of 15 satellite affiliates of East Coast Gold, the largest and most successful club in the United States.

Ohio State Champions 2019 & 2020


$129/Month with 12 Month Agreement

$149/Month to Month

Renegade Barbell Club trains on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6pm. We offer these coach led sessions as well as personal training sessions depending on the situation. We also have a huge library of programs, for everybody from beginners to advanced weightlifters, depending on each individuals goals and experience.  Once athletes gain experience and comfortability, they are welcome to train whenever they’d like.

Our Renegade Fit Unlimited membership includes our barbell club, adding value to each one while giving athletes the ability to take advantage of both. Weightlifters can attend CrossFit classes to supplement their sport specific training. Likewise, our CrossFit athletes are welcome to attend barbell club sessions, we don’t require people to exclusively choose one or the other. Younger athletes in our Sports Performance groups are also welcome to take advantage of the barbell club sessions once they gain at least three months experience